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Business Growth and Transition Planning

Discover  |  Value Growth Opportunity |  Decide

Owners are leaving cash on the table because they are only focused on income generation;
not enough on growing enterprise value!

So what separates a good business transition and a bad business transition? 


Having a transition strategy is very important as it will help the business, and you will receive maximum value from it. At Cambium, we will analyze all aspects of your business and build a strategic plan to achieve that. We have a 3-step process that will provide you the best transition plan: 

1. Discover

Client Engagement

We will have a conversation with you, the owner, to clarify your needs from your business and personal future.

Team Meeting

Defining Process

Together with you, we will outline the path for extracting value in your business.

Triggering Events

We clarify for you, the owner, the current state of your business utilizing industry comparisons, personal and business gaps, calculation of price and assessment of intangible assets. 

Working with Financial Documents

2. Value Growth Opportunity

Happy Office Talk

Intangible Assets

Wealth is created by your ability to create, protect and transfer intangible assets, the four (4) Cs - employee, customer, structural and social capital.  While these intangibles are not found on your balance sheet, they have the ability to add significant value to your business.

Business Meeting

De-risking (what is your tolerance for risk?)

There is a 50% probability that you will be impacted by one of the five D’s during your business life – disability, divorce, disaster, disagreement, death.  How prepared are you for this risk?

3. Decide

ReEvaluation (annual +/-)

Return to initial industry comparisons, gaps, calculation of price range and present the current state.

Business meeting


The internal or external options to be considered are based on your business and personal needs and goals. We will help you identify the most compatible options.

Business Meeting

Continue Growth Opportunity

Based on your current state as defined by your gaps, the path to transition may involve an additional period of investment of your time and capital.

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