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Why Cambium?


Over the past 20+ years we have delivered trusted advice to our clients. Our work culminates in revealing a mutual understanding of the needs and goals of our clients.  As the essence of trust includes risk, we acknowledge that taking the risk of sharing our history and working together will create a trusted relationship.

Why We Are Different

We begin with helping, you the client understand the current state of your business as it relates to your industry.  Our value is in our ability to help you identify and move toward grow thereby realizing the untapped value in your business before transition.


Cambium began in 2002 as a hard asset broker with a background in the furnishings industry.  Industrial real estate and machinery & equipment were among the assets we brokered.  Among our first projects were valuation of assets for lenders and orderly liquidation via auction sales.  We moved from the private sector into government service with the State of North Carolina where we served as business counselors for small and mid-sized businesses.  During our 10+ years with the State we focused on business growth, identifying and highlighting transition planning with clients across North Carolina in a broad spectrum of industries.

Cambium has returned to the private sector where we now engage with clients with a focus on value growth in preparation for a business transition.

Our Philosophy

Help you, the client, understand the present state of your business, identifying the business and personal gaps then mapping your path to action.

Meet The Team

Andrew P. Santulli


Andrew's career path reflects a diverse range of experiences, from large-scale manufacturing to business ownership and consulting. He began his journey by leveraging his education in Economics and Accounting to secure a role as a cost accountant in the Aerospace industry. This experience honed his skills in managing finances within complex manufacturing operations.

Later, his career trajectory shifted towards general management, leading him to oversee global manufacturing within the furnishings industry. This broadened his perspective on operational leadership and navigating international business landscapes.

Seeking a new challenge and driven by a desire for ownership, Andrew transitioned to Cambium Company in the early 2000s. Cambium allowed him to delve into the world of product development and sourcing, connecting domestic wholesale markets with international locations. Additionally, he established a second revenue stream by providing valuation and disposition services for business owners and financial institutions, demonstrating his expertise in asset management.

A desire for a change in focus led Andrew to pursue a career in business counseling. He joined the State of North Carolina, assisting clients facing business transitions. His role emphasized value creation, guiding individuals in maximizing the value of their assets for a smooth ownership transfer. This period also saw Andrew dedicate himself to continuous learning, culminating in his certification as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA).

After a decade with the State, Andrew has returned to Cambium. With his extensive experience and CEPA certification, he aims to leverage his expertise to help business owners identify and extract maximum value from their businesses. This return signifies a full circle moment, allowing Andrew to combine his diverse skillset and passion for business ownership to empower others in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Susan Reagan -WinmockHeadshots-003-Web.jpg

Susan Reagan


Susan boasts over 20 years of experience in the professional services industry, where she honed her skills in crafting growth-oriented strategies and business development programs. Following her passion for knowledge, Susan furthered her education by earning a Master's degree in Business and Marketing. This equipped her to seamlessly transition into a fulfilling role as a business counselor for the State of North Carolina for over a decade. In this role, she empowered business owners with strategic growth strategies, particularly focusing on marketing and business development.

Today, Susan leverages her extensive experience as a partner at Cambium Company LLC. She provides invaluable guidance and expertise to clients, assisting them in crafting effective marketing and business development strategies. Additionally, she helps them generate innovative business and transition ideas, propelling them towards sustainable success.

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