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Chris Pence

President and Co-Founder, Haand

Our company was started from scratch with very few resources 10 years ago. Over those years, we've grown from a small operation with a great product but no clear path to market or operational plan into a premier manufacturer of porcelain tableware for homes and restaurants around the world.

The challenges of scaling our business have been all-consuming and difficult to manage at times. We've relied on Andy for more than 7 years as a trusted advisor and steady hand for our company. He's challenged us at each phase of our growth to see our needs clearly and lay out plans for the short and long term. We've relied on his counsel to guide us from our early startup phase to our now-established position with over 25 employees. Andy brings a focused mind and extensive business experience to bear on macro or micro issues that we're facing. We're so grateful for his help and I honestly don't know where we would be without his guidance.

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