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Victor Dau

Regional Director, SBTDC

For the past 11 years I worked with Andy Santulli at the SBTDC where we co-counseled with business owners in a myriad of industries and business activities.

This past year, several of my clients expressed an interest in growing their business for eventual transition or selling of their business. A value growth and transition planning program was developed by Andy Santulli and is now offered to all clients in the State of North Carolina through the Small Business and Technology Development Center. This program uses the principals of growing value through the application of the intangible capital within a business along with the capacity to build value beyond the financial asset of that business.

Our co-counseling sessions this year are engaging several clients in this value growth strategy, emphasizing the intangibles assets expressed as the four (4) C’s of capital formation. These include: human, customer, structural and social capital.

With clear objectives for their business in terms of value growth, my clients are beginning to view their future in terms of maximizing business value, not business income. I regard this program as a valuable tool for the SBTDC to use in educating both counselors and clients to these principles of value growth, the basis of this program.

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